A Project of the San Francisco Parks Alliance & the Department of Public Works "Street Parks" Program

April 14, 2011 - Opening the Tree Cover on the Steps

Casper Curto, a landscape consultant, donated his time
and so did the Tree Shapers, LLC and these wonderful workers:
Tighe O'Shannon
Luis Carvajal
Lemon DeGeorge
Cornelio Cruz
Genaro Jimenez
Sean McCosh
Hugh Yerburgh.

They spent the whole morning pruning back the trees over the steps,
to open the area, decrease the leaf deposits, and make the steps more inviting.


            Before they came...                                           and after they left!!!


In-kind services make a huge difference to
the Hidden Garden Steps project & to the steps users.
A great big thank-you to Casper and Tree Shapers, LLC!