A Project of the San Francisco Parks Alliance & the Department of Public Works "Street Parks" Program

Backstories - Flight E (just before the turn)

There is so much to be grateful for - and to - for these artful steps. We all wanted to express our gratitude in a lasting way, so we devoted a passion flower element to those who went "over-and-above" for the steps. (The gratitude element continues on the next flight.) We thank: Nature in the City; Tree Shapers, LLC; Starbucks at 744 Irving; San Francisco Parks Alliance; Woodside International School; Crepevine Restaurant; George Washington High School Key Club; SF DPW Street Parks Partner Program; Cheese Boutique.

Each in its unique way helped create these steps, and all who climb the steps remember their generosity.






"Finnegan, Genevieve, Julius, Bonnie and Adelle, the great-nieces and nephews of mine born during the time we worked on the project (There have been two more since. Time for another stairway!)"


Editor: Colette Crutcher, one of the two artists who created the steps, gave me the backstory.




My two grand-nephews, Tyler and Chaz Ofalsa, are the grandchildren of my late brother, Alfred Ofalsa. I love them dearly. My brother had bought a home across the street from my parent’s house and had two children, who both graduated from St. Anne’s School. His son Blaise and his wife had two sons, Tyler and Chaz. When Tyler and Chaz were little, my brother and sister-in-law babysat for them. Their family now lives in Las Vegas, but visit San Francisco occasionally and saw the tile in April. A little bit about myself: I was born 85 years ago. My parents decided to name me after the apartment building they were living in when I was born, Josephine Apartments on Bush St.. They were told they were only the second Filipino family buying in the Inner Sunset. I went to school in San Francisco and college at UC Berkeley. Now I live on 26st Ave near Lincoln, and read about the steps in the Sunset Beacon.    (E47)


"I am currently spending a few months in Italy. I used to live on 16th Av, right there at Judah. The project sounded like a nice way to leave my mark in the area, and to commemorate a couple of friends at the same time. Panos was a dear friend of mine in San Diego, a caring husband, a doting father. He also died of cancer; I was back in Sunnyvale, and I could not even go visit him one last time."






"The tile tells a wonderful story, in memory of my husband who passed away in Nov 2012.
After 2 years I finally came by to look at it. It was beautiful. I took pictures and sent them to his children (Fred had children from another marriage...all grown up.) They posted it on their facebook page for Fred's birthday."




"What does the name or text on your tile mean to you? The KEHOE’s began life in SF in 1906 when my grandparents on my father's side immigrated from Ireland. On my mother's side, the family name is AMADOR (the county was named after Jose Maria Amador, my great great grandfather). The Amador family came to SF as soldiers and explorers from Mexico and founded the Presidio Garrison in 1776. Our families have had a hands-on role in founding, building and re-building San Francisco and California. Our roots go deep of which we’re very proud.

What is your connection to the steps? Having been born and raised in the Sunset as children, my posse and I would run hell-bent terrorizing the locals, dogs barking, merchants swearing, as we chased bandits and scoundrels up and down these steps and beyond. Just to be clear, WE named the hill above, Turtle Hill…..why?? Couldn’t tell you; maybe found a dead one - who knows - but, that’s what we’ve always called it to this day. Turtle Hill."   (E55)