A Project of the San Francisco Parks Alliance & the Department of Public Works "Street Parks" Program

The backstory of the tiles

A donor wrote: "I love the idea of having a backstory posted for each tile. It weaves an intimate tapestry of people who wanted to memorialize, celebrate and participate in the creation of a beautifully tiled stairway. Each one is personal and lets us into the window of the person(s) who purchased a tile."

Click on the photo of the flight you are interested in, which will take you to the tile images for which I have a backstory. What is inside the quotation marks is from the emails sent from the donors. For some, I have an editor's note. Enjoy!

Flight A                                                                                                                            Flight B


Flight C                                                                                                                             Flight D

Flight E

Left blank photo-wise, because the salamander looks better when intact!





  Flight F                                                                                                                           Flight G



Flight H                                                                                                                    Flight I