A Project of the San Francisco Parks Alliance & the Department of Public Works "Street Parks" Program

Community Partners

We are extremely fortunate to have many partners as we beautify the Inner Sunset with another set of tiled steps. On our finished Hidden Garden Steps, on either side of the "dogleg" landing, is a gratitude element (1/4 of a passion flower) with the names of those businesses and organizations that helped us in some way to create a second tiled steps. Below is an alphabetical list of some of these partners and a link to their website.

Golden Gate Heights Neighborhood Association has agreed to hold our maintenance fund, as it does for the Moraga Tiled Steps.

Green Hairstreak Ecosystem Corridor is our partner in planting the steps' right-of-way to extend the range of the endangered green hairstreak butterfly from Goden Gate Heights to Golden Gate Park.

Inner Sunset Park Neighbors is a neighborhood advocacy group representing the Inner Sunset of San Francisco. The Hidden Garden Steps represent a beautification project in the southwest quadrant of their borders, and they are extremely supportive.

San Francisco Department of Public Works helps us in many ways. Since the steps are city-owned, DPW has promised to fix the steps, and we are currently working out details. They have also named us as one of their Street Parks Partners, which lets DPW supply all tools and haul away multiple brown bags of debris after our monthly steps clean-ups.

San Francisco Parks Alliance is our fiscal sponsor. They handle all donations to the Hidden Garden Steps. All donations to the steps are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.